English Springer Spaniels of Distinction

Bred For Temperament, Health and Soundness

50 plus AKC Champions and counting have been born here over the past 25 plus years. Every breeding starts with an idea, and a wish. With a little luck, lots of planning, and sometimes hard decisions the result is truly a labor of love, and hopefully a work of art. Few things in this world mean more to me then my family of dogs.

I have lived with Springers all my life, and have raised and shown them since 1994. I continue to raise and show a family of dogs who enrich my life and others while bringing me closer to my vision of the breed standard. I have tried hard to produce healthy, sweet dogs who have become my treasured friends, wonderful companions for their owners, as well as competitive show dogs.

I have learned a great deal from being involved in the sport of dogs, and have made some of my very best friends in this breed, among them Anne Hutchinson (Serenade), Monica Bowers (ESSpecial), and Kathy Lorentzen (Ocoee) who have given me much support and encouragement. I am truly grateful to them for their roles in my life.


Nationally recognized here are some of our recent awards

Our family of current and future Stud Dogs

Our family of current and future Dams

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than in miles.” - Tim Cahill


"It’s been a bit over 4 months since Mine joined the family. It took 2 nights for her to decide that our bed is more comfortable than the crate and that’s where she sleeps. She has become the queen of the neighborhood. Everyone she meets says how beautiful she is. She loves to race the perimeter of the yard, barking to let everyone know she is there. What a joy she is!" - Anne G