Chivalry English Springer Spaniels is a small hobby kennel owned and loved by Lisa Knight, in Thompson, CT.  I adore these wonderful “do it all” dogs, and I am very proud of all their accomplishments. My family had owned several field bred Springers over the years and it was here my passion was born for this breed. I grew up with several wonderful dogs and eventually got my very own, but for the first time a bench bred.  I started showing dogs in 1992 while working for a well known Boxer kennel, it was there that I was bit by the show bug and began showing, learning to groom, reading everything I could get my hands on and asking a billion questions.  I started showing our family dog and later other breeds and my very own Dorothy who was a gift from my parents. I have been grooming professionally since then and now own and operate a successful Morning Star Farm Pet Resort. I just can’t imagine my life without dogs.

I don’t breed often and every dog involved in my breeding program is OFA and CERF normal.  Only those who have met my strict criteria for health and temperament are bred.  On average I have about one or two litters per year.  My goal as a breeder is to maintain the English Springer Spaniel’s happy biddable temperament that makes them the beloved family dogs they are.  Combining temperament with overall health and soundness for the complete package.  I am very selective on the homes puppies are placed in and my interview process is lengthy with everyone’s best interest in mind.  I do not place puppies on impulse, sex or color.  I have been truly blessed with the families who own one of my dogs and each has been hand selected for them.

My dogs are my life.  They are incredibly beautiful, intelligent, loving and happy to do whatever I ask of them with a remarkable delight. They have competed in obedience, agility in addition to conformation and I am quite sure there isn’t anything they wouldn’t try.  However, they remain wonderful mellow house pets who all can get along and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I can often find six of them asleep nearby at any given time. 

I have been truly blessed in this sport not only with the family of dogs I have come to adore but also with the wonderful friends I have made along the way.  I hope I can make some small contribution to the betterment of this breed over time and uphold all of its character.  I am a member of the ESSFTA (English Springer Spaniel Field Trial Association, the breed’s Parent Club) and the EESSC, Eastern English Springer Spaniel Club as well as New England Pet Grooming Professionals.  I have also given countless years to the New England English Springer Spaniel Rescue.


"A little over a year since Sunshine joined us. She is a loyal and loving companion.  Always a part of what’s going on at home.  It’s been quite the year-about a month after Sunny arrived, we found out we were having another baby. Blossom joined the crew at the end of January, and of course Sunny is happy to worry about yet another person in her crew. Loves a run in the yard with Sol, but is just as happy on the couch with him.  Bedtime for Charlie makes her quite pleased as well. Thank you again for matching the perfect dog for this family.  She is quite adored around these parts." - Gabe T