The hardest part of any litter is ALWAYS letting them go. Thanks so much to all the wonderful
families who continue to send me these wonderful photos of their precious Chivalry pets, as
always this page is a work in progress. I am tremendously proud to have selected each of you
for these wonderful dogs and I am truly blessed to have a continuous plethora of photos
supplied to me to add to this page. ~Lisa

"I wanted to share some photos to show how Nellie Bellle has grown. Thanks so much, she is just what we wanted a playful and sweet girl. People stop us frequently to tell me how beautiful she is. Nellie completed the STAR puppy program and we are working on the Canine Good Citizen, but still have a long way to go. We are happy to have her as part of our family."
- Tim R

"We have really enjoyed our Shay and he is such a loyal companion. We walk together every day and he has tons of neighborhood friends. My wife and I love him dearly. Many thanks for allowing us to have him."
- Bill S